Back To Posting

Hey everyone!

I have been away too long – busy with writing, editing, formatting, the full-time job, going to the movies…that about sums up my live right now.

Just to let y’all know, I have Endgame tickets for opening night and I cannot wait.

Don’t let anyone tell you that formatting for self-publishing is easy. I have been at it for a year but I refuse to pay for it, so I will figure it out.

My plan is to post here and on Instagram more frequently. I would like to publish Angst: A Poetry Collection and the short read, Waiting In Line by the end of the summer.

That means I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I do want to stop by here and post once a week even it’s just an update on what I’ve been up to.

So, HI!!!! I’m back. I will also get back to reading and commenting on all the amazing blogs I follow and who follow me.

I may have anther Video of the Month coming soon too!





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