The Lost Boys FTW!

Why, yes, man at gas station staring at me like I’m crazy, I am blasting a soundtrack from 1987.

Yes, I know it’s over 30 years old!

And, it’s still better than the crap that’s on the radio today!

Saw the movie recently at a special viewing and it still kicks ass. Even if it looks like the 80’s vomited all over the camera.)






19 comments on “The Lost Boys FTW!

  1. will you be doing anymore monthly projects? I am putting in my request: I want a romcom movie soundtrack thing. It may not be your thing, but they can be romantic indie style. Hook it up…


  2. Perhaps he was staring at you because you are hot. Sometimes I look crazy when I am staring at a hot woman, but that’s just me. It’s been a while, I know, I am making my rounds.


  3. Fantastic soundtrack!!!!


  4. I love Lost Boys movie and soundtrack. .and yes, still blast it on my Ipod. Still have an Ipod too, ha ha.

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  5. I still blast The Cars, now I know why I’m getting those looks

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