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Morbid Luminosity Available Now

The poems in this collection were born out of disillusionment, monotony, depression, anxiety, darkness, and rage; crafted in Doc Martens and flannel. I am Generation X, and the writings in this book represent this time period in all its dark beauty.

Cover for Morbid Luminosity

Following a few really bad ideas and even worse graphic designs, I finally hit on a great idea and a decent graphic design.

Update on Poetry Collection

I did it! I don’t know how I did it, but the formatting for the poetry collection is finally set…and set correctly. It took a lot of work and there was much cursing at Word, but I did it. Just don’t ask me how…

[Poem] Jealousy

Note: This poem was one of the few that was published. This was accepted to The Iconoclast, issue 67. Jealousy Jealousy, grown up, still acts like a child when he doesn’t get his way. Left unattended, kicking and screaming, his feelings spread like cancerous…

[Poem] Fade

Note: This is very old poem. Don’t remember what it’s about. Fade Memories in color fade to gray as they take their place on the top shelf of eternity. Out of sight. Out of mind. For safe keeping.