Panorama Music Fest and Me in a Nutshell!

Below is a text I sent to my friend, Ed, while I was attending the Panorama Music Festival in July. If you follow me here, you’re already familiar with Ed. He’s the same Ed from this post Mr. Bungle-OU818.

He blogs over at: Dispatches from the Suicide Hours of Immortality . If you dig poetry, please check it out.

I attended the final day of the festival not only for Nine Inch Nails, but also for A Tribe Called Quest. (I thought I knew A Tribe Called Quest. If anyone had asked me if I knew who they were, I would have answered; “Yeah they’re awesome”, without hesitation.)

Here is the conversation we had while I was there. With commentary.

This was my first outdoor music festival since Lollapalooza ’96. I hate the heat, I hate sweating and I hate crowds. You can see we were on our way at 4:30pm to a festival that began at Noon! I dragged my friend Antoinette who is always up for an adventure if it’s free. (She isn’t even a NIN fan but has attended four shows with me. Including this one.)

There was no way Nine Inch Nails was performing and I was not attending! No heat, nor crowd was going to keep me away from NIN. The sweating part took care of itself since it wasn’t very hot that day. And, we arrived late enough to miss the midday sun. Apparently, Metallica was awesome.

Me, thinking I knew all about A Tribe Called Quest, wanted to make sure I saw their set. After a few songs I texted Ed again. Tribe is REALLY GOOD live. In between 5:29pm and 7:30pm we visited the Sephora tent where Antoinette, who had never attended a festival before, proceeded to have her Rave Makeup done. She ended up with smokey eyes, a heart stamp under her eye and purple lips. We then waited by the Barefoot Wine tent for the Frose’ to be ready. That’s frozen Rose’ wine and it was delish!

We then parked ourselves on the lawn, far away from the crowd by the stage, and had lunch. I texted Ed to show him the stage and how I was steering clear of the crowds.

Ed seems to know all about A Tribe Called Quest. I know he was not surprised by my reply.

I blame this response on him. He should have typed the entire band name. I mean really, if a person has no clue who Phife is, why would they know “atcq”?

Yes, he face-palm emoji’d me!

Face-palm? It’s not like he hasn’t known me for over 25 years. In my defense, I’m not a big Revolting Cocks fan. Every article I ever read referred to the band as the Revolting Cocks OR RevCo. I had never seen the two names mentioned together until last year. It was one of those “duh” moments.

It seems I have a lot of those “duh” moments. But, it’s OK. They make for amusing blog posts.

Maybe I should rename my Music Moments category to Duh Moments.

I did end up braving the crowd for Nine Inch Nails. I stayed in the back though.

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