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Pearl Jam “It’s OK”

Listened to a Pearl Jam official bootleg during my morning commute today; it was from the show I attended at Jones Beach on 8/24/00.

At the end of their song, Daughter, they slowed it down and went into Dead Moon’s song, It’s OK, with Eddie Vedder asking the crowd to sing “IT’S OKAAAAAY” after him.

You could feel the atmosphere change. We knew we were about to take part in a special moment.

With those few verses, Pearl Jam instilled hope and confidence in every single person standing on their feet.  It was positive, uplifting and empowering. Pearl Jam was letting us know it was our time.

It was our time to shine, our time to take chances and our time to create change. And, through all; it would be OK.

After a decade of uncertainty and angst, we knew we would be alright.

That moment and that song have stayed with me since.

I can only wish that everyone would have a music connection like this.

“This is my chance, this is my life

And my opening hour

This is my choice, this is my voice

There may be no tomorrow

This is my plea, this is my need

This is my time for standing free

This is my step, this is my depth

In a world demanding of me

But it’s okay…….”

Eddie gets a few lyrics wrong, but that’s OK. There was wine involved. Go to around 3:30 in the video to catch It’s OK.

9 comments on “Pearl Jam “It’s OK”

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. Pearl Jam just doesn’t get old. 🙂


  3. pearl jam!!! yes!!! going to spotify right now

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  4. Ah what a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing. I love me some Pearl Jam.

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