When did we become a society devoid of manners? Did ‘The Powers That Be’ decree that there would no longer be consideration of others? Did I miss the memo? The people in Starbucks this morning obviously received a memo.

The Starbucks I frequent always has six to eight people behind the counter on any given morning. The line was a little longer than usual but it was moving quickly. The cashiers and baristas have it down to a science. I have never waited more than five minutes for my iced coffee.

This morning I was on line behind a girl talking on her phone. Of course, she was so deep in conversation that the cashier had to call “Next” three times before she moved. When the cashier asked for her order, the girl continued talking on the phone while placing her order. Predictably, the poor cashier had to ask her to repeat it, twice. I took all of thirty seconds. “Venti iced coffee sweetened, thank you.” And, the Protein Bento Box. I am addicted to the Protein Bento Box.

After I gave my order, I proceeded to the waiting area. There were around ten people waiting; most of whom were standing away from the counter where the barista calls out and places the drinks. Most. Today, there was one woman standing RIGHT IN FRONT of the counter like she was the only person in the establishment. She was on her phone. And, everyone had to walk and reach around her to pick up their drinks.

Now, I love people watching so I just stood back and continued to observe. As each name was called, the poor customer had to maneuver around her to pick up their cup. She never moved nor paused her phone conversation. A few names before mine, the barista called out a drink for “Cathy.” No one answered. We all looked around for Cathy but she wasn’t there.

(I’m not gonna lie, I thought about grabbing Cathy’s drink if she didn’t pick it up before my name was called. Don’t judge me! It was an Iced Caramel Macchiato. And it looked good!)

Three more names were called and the girl continued her phone call. Finally, right before my drink was ready; she grabbed a straw, picked up the Cathy drink and finally stepped away from the counter. Mind you, she never put the phone down. Who continues to block the counter just to talk on the phone after receiving their order???????

I stared at her in total disbelief. There is an unwritten rule of Starbucks Conduct that states when your drink is ready, you take it and step away from the counter. That rule also includes not crowding the counter space. The Starbucks wait area is like an assembly line; WAIT. PICKUP. STEP AWAY. WAIT. PICKUP. STEP AWAY. This is what keeps the process flowing. All I could do was shake my head as I picked up my iced coffee.

I then made my way to the Fixin’s Bar so I could turn my somewhat healthy iced coffee into a half & half filled Elixir of Goodness™ topped off with vanilla powder, cocoa and cinnamon. But, I couldn’t get near it. There was a line four deep for the Fixin’s Bar. At the bar, were two gentlemen taking up every inch of space. I couldn’t see what they were doing but it took forever!

(How long does it take to add milk and sugar to a coffee? It’s not like they were processing the sugar cane, Domino’s is considerate enough to that before they ship their product.)

When I reached the bar I was amazed at what it looked like. Coffee spills, milk puddles and sugar covered the counter. It was a mess. The workers at Starbucks do a very good job at cleaning but c’mon, how hard is it to wipe up what you spill?

At this point, I really wanted to say something but wasn’t sure who made the mess so I grabbed some napkins and cleaned it up; then high-tailed it out of there because my patience was at its end.

Is it just me? I was completely baffled this morning. Is it Starbucks? I never see this happen in Dunkin’ Donuts, Coffee Bean or Orens; or at least not to this extent. Have people become so self-centered that they have become unaware of their surroundings?

Has this behavior become acceptable?

I mean, really, is it me?

16 thoughts on “Rudeness!”

  1. When I use to work in retail. I refused to serve anyone on their phone. good manners cost nothing, and it made me so angry that people would pay more attention to a piece of poo on their shoe than to a person trying to do their job

  2. A few days ago I encountered the same sort of thing at my local Starbucks. Some lady was in the drive thru on her phone taking her sweet time at the speaker with her window rolled up. I waited five minutes (an eternity in drive thru land) before I honked at her, thinking possibly that she didn’t see me pull up. Nope, she knew and continued to sit there with her window rolled up for another five minutes. I almost got out of my car and knocked on her window. I would have just gone inside of another can hadn’t pulled up behind me…. Never have I ever seen anyone so blatantly inconsiderate or completely oblivious. AND she only ordered one drink… After all of that… One drink!! Argh!! I would totally have taken this Cathy persons drink btw she probably wouldn’t even have noticed lol

  3. Reminds me of my local Circle K in the morning when a pack of idiots likes to stand around the fountain machine and talk “shop” as I’m already running 5-10 minutes late!

  4. No, it isn’t you. I see a lot of carelessness around me from people so addicted to their phone that they cannot take a hint anymore. Loud talking in waiting rooms, during meetings, or even calling in the restrooms. Ugh!

  5. I like to bump them. Physically bump them when I get near just to let them know I’m more important than they’ll ever be. Wish I could do that when I’m driving.

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