Mr. Bungle – OU818

Here’s another Music Moment! I’ve been wanting to post this for weeks.


Every time I go through my music collection I always come across a song or band that I completely forgot I owned. Mr. Bungle is one of those bands.

Back in the 90’s my friends and I LOVED Faith No More so it was no surprise that we would also search out lead singer Mike Patton’s side project, Mr. Bungle.

Mr. Bungle is one of those bands that always makes me giggle. Not because their music is tongue in cheek or amusing; but because it gave me one of my most “doofiest” moments.


Picture the scene:

Circa 1990.

Bored 20 something slackers hanging out in the parking lot of a supermarket where a few of them worked. (Which is why they never got kicked out or arrested!)

I’m sitting in a friends’ car with my friend Ed.

He pops in a cassette tape of Mr. Bungle’s OU818 demo. (That was a play on Van Halen’s OU812 album.)

We sit there listening to the intro.

The intro ends with the line “You know the square root of fourteen million is

I turn to Ed and ask, “Is it?”

Without even a pause he replies. “Not unless letters have become numbers”

Even then it took me a moment. All I could do is laugh.

I am such a doof sometimes.


You can listen to the intro below.




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