Inspiration for Morbid Luminosity

Hey Everyone!

I know things have been quiet here on the blog but I’ve been busy, busy, busy putting together my next poetry collection, Noise, and working on several other fiction projects.

Waiting in Line, my first fiction novelette, has returned from the editor. Next step? Cover design. SO excited for you to read this fun story about friends waiting on line for Bruce Springsteen concert tickets during the summer of 1985.

Which brings me to the idea for this post. Music for me is so much more than background noise. It truly is the soundtrack to my life. Almost every word I write is inspired by a band or song, or specific lyric. Music finds its way into all my writing. My characters seem to have strong opinions on the types of music they listen to and that seeps into the dialogue, and conflicts, in my stories. 

The poems in Morbid Luminosity were written during a time of angst, disillusionment, and anxiety; which was reflected in the music I gravitated towards.

(One notebook even has a section titled “The NIN Poems. As you can imagine they are overwrought, melodramatic, and really, really bad.)

And since I LOVE when authors post playlists for their books, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of what songs inspired the poems. This list should give you insight to the state of mind I was in when these poems were conceived. (Hint: I was angsty!)

So, here are the songs that played on a loop and the songs I sung at the top of my lungs. These are the songs that got me through the day. If Morbid Luminosity had a soundtrack, this would be it. (Or, at the very least, Volume One.)

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