Yes, I Really Did This!

Say hello to my friend, The Cute Curmudgeon. She just started blogging and I am helping her out. And, yes, I am working on getting her a great header. Please show her some love all you wonderful bloggers!

The Cute Curmudgeon

My own stupidity of the day…

I take swim lessons in the mornings. These last few lessons, my trainer had had me swim to the drain using one stroke, and then change to another stroke after the drain.

So, basically, I would swim half the length of the pool using one stroke and the other half using a different stroke of my choosing.

I followed her directions and changed strokes at the drain, or what I thought was the drain. Turned out what I thought was the drain, wasn’t even a drain.

This morning I noticed the HUGE ROUND DRAIN right smack in the center of the pool. I was swimming underwater when I noticed and started laughing. I laughed so hard I had to catch my breath. I was underwater! I almost choked!

When I told my trainer, she couldn’t stop laughing. She was wondering what was wrong with…

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