Really? 3/31/2015

These things only happen to The Cute Curmudgeon.

The Cute Curmudgeon

This past weekend it was beautiful in my part of the world. We had had some bad weather these past view weeks (45 in the morning and 65-70 during the day) so the sunshine was quite welcomed.

Saturday morning, I decided to visit my neighborhood Coffee Bean. I prefer Coffee Bean over Starbucks, not because of the quality if their product; I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but because I value what is left of my sanity.

Coffee Bean hasn’t yet caught on the way Starbucks has. That means there are less people there it annoy me and I can usually get a seat when I want to relax and read a book. And when I say read a book I mean people watch.

The line at Coffee Bean flows smoother than at Starbucks too. Could be the time I go, which is usually after the morning rush, but I never…

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