Update on Poetry Collection

I did it!

I don’t know how I did it, but the formatting for the poetry collection is finally set…and set correctly.

It took a lot of work and there was much cursing at Word, but I did it. Just don’t ask me how I did it because I can’t help ya.

(It’s kinda like David Lynch’s film, Lost Highway. I understood it while I was watching it but I cannot explain it to save my life!)

So, hopefully, the collection will be out within a few months. The title has gone through a change, it is no longer Angst: A Poetry Collection. As much as I loved that concept, I was having issues with the cover and the cohesiveness of the book. Then someone gave me an even better idea and I ran with it. I promise I will post cover art within the next few weeks.

My plan is to update everyone on the process as I now format for paperback and self publish on Amazon and other platforms.

Since I am boycotting Netflix (see this post) I have tons of free time so expect more poetry, rants, and babbling.

Thank everyone for reading.

M.B.B. Whyte


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