Daily Video of Whatever™

I think it’s time I get back to this blog on a regular basis.

There are several reasons why I’ve been away for months but I won’t bore you with all of them.

The most important reason is that I have been writing on a regular, kinda daily basis. I have also been working on my poetry book which is a lot more work than Amazon and CreateSpace make it out to be. It’s not that easy! (‘specially when you decide you need about ten more poems to complete the collection.)

I have two new stories started; one light and one heavy. My friends tell me that I am not dark so I set out to prove that I am!!! I will be dark dammit. I read Vampire Fiction! I love violent movies! Killing Zoe anyone? Hostel is in my top five favorite movies of all time! I’m dark! I LOVE researching and learning about what makes serial killers tick. I’m going to be DARK if it kills me!

Not sure if those stories will find a home here; I’ll decide once I figure out where they’re headed.

What I have decided is, that I am going to try to post here everyday. To force myself to do that, I am starting the Daily Video of Whatever™. Most days, songs or movie quotes pop into my head as responses to what’s going on around me. Sometimes, they pop into my head for no reason whatsoever. Sometimes, it’s a song like “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” and I want to throw myself out a window to make it stop. (Relax, I will not force Tiny Tim on you.)

I am going to post those songs or clips daily so you can have them in your head too! And, if relevant or amusing, I will add an explanation of why.

It may be in the AM or at night before I pass out. I will post when the inspiration hits.

So! To kick this off, today’s song is from the Broadway Musical Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812. It’s the 3rd best musical I have ever seen. (That’s not an insult. It’s 3rd behind RENT and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.)

I cannot get this song out of head.



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