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Back To Posting

Hey everyone! I have been away too long – busy with writing, editing, formatting, the full-time job, going to the movies…that about sums up my live right now. Just to let y’all know, I have Endgame tickets for opening night and I cannot wait….

Daily Video of Whatever™

I think it’s time I get back to this blog on a regular basis. There are several reasons why I’ve been away for months but I won’t bore you with all of them. The most important reason is that I have been writing on…

I Live Up To My Name

This blog received its title from a very good friend, albeit extremely witty and sarcastic friend, who found it hysterical. Now I assume most people would be offended if they were called a psycho. Or were told they babble. Not me. An incident that…

It’s Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big!! 11/20

I always find great new blogs through Dream Big Dream Often. If you’re looking for new blogs to follow, check out the Meet and greet.