I have been busy going through and editing the beginning of my story “The Duran Duran Chronicles”. I wrote 40,000 words during NaNoWriMo last year. I’ve been editing it and fixing the name, time and setting issues I didn’t worry about while writing it.

It follows main character, Amy Taylor Hale, and how she goes from fun loving Duran Duran fan to angst ridden, misanthropic adult.

(Of course there’s stuff from real life but I will never tell what really happened and what’s fiction!)

It’s actually the first part of a much larger story. I have an idea about the middle and the final part has been mostly plotted out.

I’ve been thinking of posting it here for awhile. The chapters would be too long so I would have to post a few pages at a time.  A separate blog page would be created with the chapters to keep it in order.

But I’m on the fence if I should put it up here.

What do ya think? Should I begin posting it?

5 thoughts on “Long Form Story Idea

  1. wudinstoun says:

    Get a trusted professional to appraise it. If it’s Uber-fantastic…and I can tell it will be, go publish it. Cos there are a lotta thieves out there.


    1. Thanks. It’s sad that the only thing stopping me from posting it is that it may get stolen.


      1. wudinstoun says:

        It’s a sad truth. Take your time; fine-tune it, Polish it and get it appraised….then publish.

        The good news is, self-publishing is now more appealing than before, so go for it.

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  2. Love the premise of the story. I suppose the question is do you want to publish it online for free and open access? If so, go for it!


    1. I think I may post just this part of it. If I decide to self pub I can always take it down.

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