Santa and the War on Christmas™

This is spot on. Thank you K.E.

K.E. Wilkinson

The so-called War on Christmas™ has officially begun, and we’re only one week into November.

A few moments ago, I shared another person’s blog post about Starbucks and the holiday red cups.

Yesterday, a post showed up in my Facebook feed about the Santa display at Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City.

When I first visited Roosevelt Field Mall many years ago, they had a merry-go-round and a train. Over the years the magical children’s attractions somehow disappeared, as they were moved to an outlet mall down the road. Stores like Hollister moved in with their loud music, and the mall seemed to cater more to teens.

I didn’t bitch or gripe, but my visits became less frequent. That’s what happens when malls make changes that clients don’t like.

But here’s the thing from my non-Christian point of view – people who are griping about this treeless Arctic display are…

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