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What’s Wrong With Me – Part 1

Have you ever had a moment where you realize something you should have realized before you opened your big mouth over 25 years ago? I have. Today! March 9, 2018. Some background: Circa 1991, we hung out with a guy, I’ll call him Fred,…

Daily Video of Positive Positivity – Day 8

It’s day 8! Today is the one Nine Inch Nails song on the list. Trent Reznor isn’t known for uplifting but on the double album, The Fragile, a few moments of hope seeped into the lyrics. “The Way Out is Through” is one moment….

The Unhappy Valentines Day Project – Day Nine Inch Nails

Day 28 was a hard choice. I originally wanted to use Ringfinger, but all the video’s I could find are from live performances during the early 90’s and very poor quality. Of course, there’s the entire album, Pretty Hate Machine, but an entire album…

Long Form Story Idea

I have been busy going through and editing the beginning of my story “The Duran Duran Chronicles”. I wrote 40,000 words during NaNoWriMo last year. I’ve been editing it and fixing the name, time and setting issues I didn’t worry about while writing it….

Meeting Trent Reznor

Note: Years ago, on a now defunct blog, I posted this after someone pointed out the obvious as I was telling them about the great day I had meeting one of my idols. I was explaining all this to someone a few days ago…