[Poem] High School Outcast

Note: I wasn’t really a goth in high school. I listened to music that was considered Goth but I was also a metal-head and loved Duran Duran. I did want to dye my hair magenta once though. And, I didn’t really like many of the people I went to school with. Can ya tell?

High School Outcast

Closet Goth,
the black hidden behind closed doors.
Bauhaus, Joy Division and Siouxsie
kept me company when the outside world
refused to understand.
The blanket of indignation and dejection
kept me warm when the frigid air
of normalcy became too much to bear.
For these were not my peers.
They were sunshine disciples,
sycophants to the king of conformity.
And I was disparate,
and couldn’t be bothered.


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