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The Unhappy Valentines Day Project – Day 14

UNHAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I was undecided on this song. I was either going to leave it off since it’s just too easy to include it or put it in the top ten. I couldn’t make up my mind so I figured I would add…

[Babble] My Not-Favorite Holiday

Apparently I was up to no good last Valentines too posting a Wallow List. Some of these songs are included in The Unhappy Valentines Day Project. They’re all awesome songs so please take a listen. Originally posted 2/16/2015   So yesterday was Valentines Day….

[Poem] High School Outcast

Note: I wasn’t really a goth in high school. I listened to music that was considered Goth but I was also a metal-head and loved Duran Duran. I did want to dye my hair magenta once though. And, I didn’t really like many of…