Non-rhyming poem

[Poem] Jealousy

Note: This poem was one of the few that was published. This was accepted to The Iconoclast, issue 67. Jealousy Jealousy, grown up, still acts like a child when he doesn’t get his way. Left unattended, kicking and screaming, his feelings spread like cancerous cells until he cries himself to sleep.

[Poem] Fade

Note: This is very old poem. Don’t remember what it’s about. Fade Memories in color fade to gray as they take their place on the top shelf of eternity. Out of sight. Out of mind. For safe keeping.

[Poem] The Watcher

Note: So there was this really creepy tree.. The Watcher Bitter tree limbs grow out of the dry, cracked Earth, barren from the summer heat. Fingers wickedly point, scolding the lost generation. Standing in judgement, looking down on us as if it were our fault that it stands isolated and alone.

[Poem] Strife

Note: I think this was written while I was working part-time at a supermarket. No one knows angst until they deal with the general public on a daily basis. Strife Driving to work each day, I watch the dead flying ant decompose on my dashboard… contentment breeds boredom.