Mushy Movie Music Month™ – Day 30

Just two more videos to go! *sadface*

When I started this monthly project, I knew what the final two movies would be.  Rockstar was actually the first film that came to mind. The end when friends and lovers reunite to the Verve Pipe’s “Colorful” is soooooo sweet!

I cannot listen to this song without seeing Mark Wahlberg and Timothy Olyphant playing onstage and Jennifer Aniston walking…

And, did I mention Timothy Olyphant!!!!!

I love this movie so much. I’m not even sure if it’s a good movie, but it’s a movie that always makes me smile.


most were being good for goodness sake
but you wouldn’t pantomine
you are more beautiful when you awake
than most are in a lifetime
through the haze that is my memory
you stayed for drama though you paid for a comedy

i know i can be colorful
i know i can be grey
i know this loser’s living fortunate
cause i know you will love me either way





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