Mushy Movie Music Month

Mushy Movie Music Month™ – Day 29

We’re in the home stretch. Only three more videos left in Mushy Movie Music Month™.

Today I bring you the film that is the perfect depiction of the 90’s; Reality Bites.  If you want to know what life was like for Generation X in the 90’s, just watch this movie. The casting was perfect, the music was perfect. the mood was perfect. The script went through a ton of rewrites and tweaks but the end result was a funny, touching, realistic portrayal of 20-somethings during the 1990’s.

It’s also the movie that introduced us to Lisa Loeb and “Stay.”

It’s bonus video day today since I couldn’t write about Reality Bites without posting the scene where Troy and Lelaina reunite at the end. The scene is free of music but the speech Ethan Hawke delivers, where he admits he was an asshole, is one of my all time favorite moments in film. (THIS FILM WAS RELEASED IN 1994 THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON SPOILERS HAS EXPIRED!)


“I kind of got this arcane glimpse at the universe.
And the best thing that I can say about that is…
I don’t know. I…
I have this… this planet of regret…
sitting on my shoulders.
And you have no idea how much I wish that I could go back…
to that morning after we made love…
and do everything different.
But I know that I can’t, so…
I thought that I would come here and tell you something.
And what I wanted to tell you…
was that I love you…
and, uh… just wanted to make sure that that was clear…
so that there wasn’t any confusion.”



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