Month: March 2015

Really? 3/31/2015

These things only happen to The Cute Curmudgeon.

Yes, I Really Did This!

Say hello to my friend, The Cute Curmudgeon. She just started blogging and I am helping her out. And, yes, I am working on getting her a great header. Please show her some love all you wonderful bloggers!

Coming Up!

Hello all! First, a big THANK YOU to my followers and everyone who has liked or commented on the blog. Over the next few days, I will begin posting a short story I wrote about waiting for concert tickets. It follows a bunch of…

[Babble] Sucker Punch Me!

:Commencing Rant: My co-worker in the cubicle next me listens to music all day. Normally, that wouldn’t be an issue. I can tolerate most genres. I listen to everything. I love The Bee Gees. I will argue for hours over the validity of The…

[Babble] Waiting On Line

*shakes cane in the air* “You kids have no idea how easy you have it today. When I was young I had to walk to school. Uphill. Both ways.” I’m not really that old, I took the bus to school, but kids do have…