[Poem] I Saw Tomorrow

Note: This was one of the first good poems I ever wrote. It was probably written in the early 90’s. I have some really bad ones that came before this. I may have to post them just for shits and giggles. Re-reading this one, a little optimism wouldn’t have killed me.

I Saw Tomorrow

I saw tomorrow
standing next to me.
Staring, glaring
through distant eyes.
It motioned me to stay,
but I just couldn’t wait.

I saw tomorrow
right in front of me
holding out the hand of fate.
It was shaking slightly,
so I touched it gently.
Then it turned away.

I saw tomorrow
walk away from me,
fading silently into the dawn.
I tried to catch it,
but I lost it in the wind,
never to see it again.

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