The Merry Month of Merriment

It’s that time of the year again!

All the stores are playing Christmas music and rude customers are brawling over the newest hot toy of the year.

This year it’s the Luvabella doll. She is an interactive baby doll that responds to touch and voice. My 6 year old niece will just die if Santa doesn’t bring her one. I keep telling her that her 7 month old sister is a real life Luvabella but she refuses to listen to me.

I’ve been wanting to do another daily video month so I figured since everyone is in the spirit, this would be the perfect time.

I chose Christmas because it is soooo easy to find enough songs to post daily. There are so many! And, I’m not going with the classics here! That would be boring.  These are funny, creepy, and probably not suitable for children…but all are great songs! You may even find your new favorite holiday tune.

So grab a glass of eggnog, with alcohol of course, and enjoy day 1 of The Merry Month of Merriment Daily Video Month.

To start the month off, I give you The Chipmunks.


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