Mushy Movie Music Month™ – Day 10

This is the first of a few cheats I have this month. I know I said Mushy Movies but I had to include this scene from the TV show The Vampire Diaries.

Most people think of the show as a “teen” show but the writing is better than most “adult” shows on right now. It’s dramatic, funny, witty and poignant. And, I need a box of tissues every other episode. If a TV show can make me cry, even happy tears, on a regular basis then it’s doing something right.

At it’s heart, it’s about a girl and the two guys she’s in love with. Once the love triangle ended, it shifted to the epic love story of Elena and Damon. A relationship, that while definitely not one any girl should strive for, has made great television.  Elena is the innocent girl next door and Damon is the sexy, dangerous, bad boy vampire. I mean, c’mon!!!! How many girls (and women) dream of someone looking at them, as they enter a ball wearing a gorgeous gown, the way Damon looks at Elena in this scene.

And, yes, I am fully aware that vampires and Damon Salvatore do not exist in real life. But if they did, I would be in big trouble.

The song is “Devotion” by the band Hurts.  The one thing the show always gets right is the music.



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