Here is the 2nd Pearl Jam song to make the list. This is a song about overcoming adversity to accomplish great things.

I’m posting a video from their Touring Band 2000 release. I saw them on this tour and the woman signing at the corner of the stage was inspiring.


Pearl Jam – Given to Fly

10 thoughts on “Daily Video of Positive Positivity – Day 9

  1. I do love me some Pearl Jam!

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    1. There will be more on this list too!!!

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      1. I don’t think I know any happy Green Day songs???


      2. Say it isn’t so! Look up “Basket Case!”


      3. HA. I’m going to have to go through my Green Day now.

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      4. Oooh you gave me a great idea. I should do a month of songs about sex and include Green Days Longview. 😃


  2. I have a few songs on my list!


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