I’m thinking of posting some works in progress and stories.

I’m not sure if they belong here, on A Psycho Babbles, or if I should start a second author blog.

As readers, what do you prefer; a blog that encompasses everything or separate blogs with a more focused theme?

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

And a huge THANK YOU to all my readers and followers. If nothing else, I hope I keep you amused.


10 thoughts on “Question.”

      1. Everyone was urging me to open a second one for erotic writing. My main reason for blogging was to demonsrate my fiction writing, not erotica. To avoid a mature rating on WordPress, I choose to stop writing erotica. So, the choice was easy for me. I think you have to ask yourself what you want to post, and are some of the subject matters unfit for the purpose of the blog. Do what is best for you. Good luck with your decision. If you make a second blog, announce it, so followers have the option to follow you there as well.

      2. Will do. And I will link here too. I’m just trying not to bog this one down with a ton of posts with each chapter of each story. I’m thinking it may be more organized to keep it separate.

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