Today, The Unhappy Valentines Day Project goes back to the 60’s.


Walking in the sand
(Remember) Walking hand in hand
(Remember) The night was so exciting
(Remember) Smile was so inviting
(Remember) Then he touched my cheek
(Remember) With his finger tips
(Remember) Softly, softly we’d meet with our lips

What ever happened to
The boy that I once knew?
The boy who said he’d be true
Oh, what happened to
The light I gave to you
What will I do with it now?



If you’re wondering why I’m posting videos about love sucking CLICK HERE.


3 thoughts on “The Unhappy Valentines Day Project – Day 17

  1. tedgiffin says:

    I am having fun with the project. I am almost more curious to get to the next post, just to hear who and which song it is…Find myself, advancing not listening to the full song.. Like, do I recognize this one? So on to the next post..


    1. Thanks Ted. I’m having fun too. I’ve got some good videos coming up.

      Liked by 1 person

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