Welcome to Day 12 of The Unhappy Valentines Day Project. Today I bring you a song that I have been including on Love Sucks lists since high school. (This love sucks mix tape making goes far back).

Plus, who doesn’t love a good brotherly feud??? Especially when it ends with two bands named Gene Loves Jezebel.  Yeah, both Jay and Michael Aston tour as Gene Loves Jezebel. I think they give the Gallagher brothers of Oasis a run for their money.


Your beauty has spoken, with eyes that shine
My resistance crumbles, I stumble, I fall
Did I ever fail you, did I lose your confidence?
For me, you are remarkable, what more can I say?

Maybe she just cannot see me
Maybe she just cannot feel



If you’re wondering why I’m posting videos about love sucking CLICK HERE.


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