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Thought of the Day

I cannot be the only one in NYC that looks for Daredevil on top of buildings while walking around! Right????? I also refer to the Met Life building as Stark Tower now. Thanks Marvel!

The Witch – An Audience Review

Note: There are no spoilers in this post. I couldn’t explain to you what was going on anyway due to all the noise in the MOVIE THEATER! *Shout out to Rebecca Dawn and her post I NEED AN ADULT! TO DO ADULT THINGS LIKE…

Daredevil Weekend

I was going to write at least two posts today but thanks to Netflix I am completely useless. It’s Daredevil Weekend. See ya all in 13 hours.

I Live Up To My Name

This blog received its title from a very good friend, albeit extremely witty and sarcastic friend, who found it hysterical. Now I assume most people would be offended if they were called a psycho. Or were told they babble. Not me. An incident that…

About Me

I try to read everyone’s About page. It’s usually the first place I go after following a blog. Most people write up a complete bio. I didn’t write up a complete bio. Mine is short and sweet. It reads: Just a Goth, Metalhead, New…