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Morbid Luminosity – (Finally) Available

It’s finally here! YAY! After months of cursing Word and fighting with formatting, I have finally released my first poetry collection in ebook format. To celebrate, I am having a sale. Who doesn’t love a sale?

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes Photos

I recently visited the Franklin Institute to see the Marvel Exhibit. Being a huge superhero film fan and sort of comic book fan (I only read Daredevil) I knew it would fun.

Update on Poetry Collection

I did it! I don’t know how I did it, but the formatting for the poetry collection is finally set…and set correctly. It took a lot of work and there was much cursing at Word, but I did it. Just don’t ask me how…

Open Letter to Netflix

(Note: This letter can easily be applied to any media company that produces episodic television.) Dear Netflix, I’m angry. I’m not angry because you canceled Daredevil; if you had announced that season three was to be the final season, I would be sad to…