Josie looked towards the ticket booth. There were only two people ahead of them “Oh my god!” she excitedly jumped up and down, crossing her arms over her chest to keep her boobs from bouncing. “We’re getting tickets.”

Matt frantically searched his pockets. “Who has the money?”

“I have it, I think?” Josie searched her bag. She pulled out a wad of bills. “Here,” she held it out.

“Take some more,” Sarah shoved two twenty dollar bills into her hands, “just in case.”

“Get the best seats you can.” Angie told her.

“Get any date.” Matt added.

“How many tickets are we getting?” Angie asked.

“HOLD IT!” Josie screamed. “What do I look like? Everyone’s personal assistant!” She counted the money. “We have over $300 here. That should be enough. Now, it’s me, Matt, Carl, Angie and Sarah, that’s five tickets.”

“Last chance, Marlee.” Matt joked.

Marlee flipped him the middle finger. “You guys have fun, we’re gonna go look for Rob’s friend. I’ll see ya later at The Sun.”

“We’re going to the movies.” Angie answered.

“No you’re not.” Carl corrected her.

“We’re not?” Matt questioned. “Enlighten me, oh wise one, where are we going?”

“You guys are going to The Sun.”

Matt sighed. “I hate that place.”

“I wanna go the movies.” Angie sternly informed them.

“No you don’t,” Josie said as she advanced on the line, “you wanna go to The Sun tonight.”

Marlee shook her head. “You guys stand here and argue, we gotta go. We’ll see whoever we see later.”

“See ya guys later,” Rob waved as they walked away.

“I think Marlee has a boyfriend.” Matt observed.

“I think we’re going to the movies tonight.” Angie said.

Sarah joined in. “Why don’t you just go to an early movie and then stop by The Sun after.”

Matt stood there, confused for a second. “I guess we could do that.”

“What if we can’t get in?” Angie asked.

“I have that covered.” Carl said.

“Is that guy I like going to be there?” Sarah asked.

“Steve.” Carl reminded her. “Yeah, he’s working the door.”

I’m there!” Sarah stated.

“I bet you are.” Carl wryly joked.

“Keep it up, wise guy; you may miss your tickets.”

Carl looked up to find they were next on line. “Ya ready Josie?”

Josie shifted, anxiously waiting for the person in front of her to count their change. “Here we go.”
“Next,” the clerk behind the computer called.

Josie stepped up to the counter. “Five please.”

“What date?”

“Best date available.” Josie looked at Carl. He nodded in agreement.

“That would be Sunday night.”

“That’s fine.” Josie accepted.

The clerk behind the computer pressed buttons until the tickets stared printing. She checked the information and put the tickets in an envelope. “That’s $200.”

Josie counted out ten twenties and placed it on the counter. The clerk handed her the tickets. She smiled and stepped to the side.

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