Waiting In Line – Part 10

Josie started to answer but was suddenly pushed forward through door. “Keep going!” she ordered, pushing Carl through the crowd.

Carl put out his hands to help remove the obstacles standing in their way. “Faster,” he urged Josie as they made their way up the stairs and into the hallway leading to the store, “we’re almost there.”

“Where’d they go?” Marlee turned to Rob as she watched the crowd storm the entrance.

“In the store, somewhere.” He answered. “Let’s go,” he headed towards the front entrance, motioning Marlee to follow.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she thought out loud.

They ran through the store, up to the second floor where the ticket counter was. A line of people formed from the counter to the other end of the store where the back entrance was. After a few minutes of searching they found Josie and Carl, sweating and out of breath, leaning against the back wall, next to the back entrance.

“Josie!” Marlee screamed in relief.”

Josie caught her breath. “Marlee, you should have seen me, I was like a bulldozer. No one was getting in my way.”

“You should have seen her,” Carl added, turning to Josie, “I hope the guy you knocked down the stairs is ok.”

“He’s fine,” Josie said, “he fell on the people behind him.”

“You guys are nuts.” Rob stated.

“It got us inside, didn’t it?” Josie asked.

“Yeah,” Marlee answered, “but you assaulted some poor unsuspecting fool on the way up.”

“But we’re online!” Carl said matter-of-factly.

Marlee looked down the hall. There were about forty people in front of Josie. “Yeah, it doesn’t look too bad. Maybe we can get out of here soon.”

“We’re going to The Sun tonight,” Josie said smiling, “are you going?”

“I kinda have to go,” Rob answered, “I’m in the band.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, dumb-ass, I know you’re in the band. I was talking to Marlee.”

Marlee laughed. “Yes, I’m going. Rob is picking me up.”

“Oh,” Carl cocked his eyebrow.

Marlee shot him a dirty look. “Why isn’t the line moving?” she asked.

“I think the computer is still down.” Carl said.

“Hey,” Josie said pointing, “here come Angie and Matt. And Sarah’s with them.

“MATT!” Carl called, waving.

Matt waved back as he and Angie walked toward the line. “Dude,” Matt said slapping Carl on the back, “how’d you get up here.”

“Where the hell is my ice!” Josie yelled at Angie.

“Oh,” Angie handed her the cup, “I’m sorry, we got sidetracked.”

Josie took the cup, shook it, took off the cover and looked inside.
“Its water, and warm water at that,” she paused. “You guys didn’t get sidetracked, you went to fool around. Probably in the air-conditioned car. I could have died out here in the heat…”

“We had some heat too,” Matt cut her off.

“Way to go” Carl high fived Matt.

Sarah rolled her eyes. “I have been looking for you guys all day. I got pushed back to the end of the line. Finally I got pissed and went shopping. That’s where I found Angie and Matt.”

Carl gave her a big hug. “It’s so good to see you,” he kissed her forehead. We thought you lost you forever.”

“Oh, please,” Sarah laughed, “obviously you weren’t concerned enough to leave the line. Which is a good thing. Its nuts out there. We just saw some kid who said he was pushed down the stairs trying to get inside.”

Josie gasped. “Who would do such a thing?”

Carl, Marlee and Rob laughed. “Yeah,” they answered in unison, staring at Josie

“Anyway,” Angie interrupted, “is the computer fixed yet? We heard on the way here, that the only shows left are after Wednesday.

“NO!!!!” Josie cried out.

“What the hell…” Marlee stopped, “…oh no.” she started to laugh.

“What is it?” Carl asked.

Josie started to cry. “My…uh…surgery is…uh… Wednesday.”

“Surgery?” Carl asked, concerned.

Angie put her arm around Josie to try to console her. “She’s getting her breasts reduced that Wednesday.”

Rob started to laugh. “You’re having your boobs made smaller.”

“SHUT UP!” Josie screamed between her sobs.

Carl started humming Jamie’s Crying by Van Halen. When he got to the chorus he began to sing. “…oh, whoa, whoa…Josie’s cryin’…”

Josie turned to Carl, narrowing her eyes. “That’s not funny.”

“Why can’t you just reschedule the surgery? Rob asked.

“It’s not that easy, “Marlee told him. “It took three months to get the appointment.”

“Why can’t you just go to a show a few days after?” Matt asked.

Josie stopped crying and wiped her eyes. “Because they’re going to be very sore and you’re supposed to rest. I won’t be able to dance or jump up and down at the show.”

“So,” Angie told her, “I’m sure our seats are going suck. We’ll be high enough that you can sit down and still see everything.”

Josie started to cry again. “But…I wa-nna…daaaance!”

“Why don’t you just call your mom?” Rob suggested.

Marlee shook her head. “Bad idea, she would never go for it.”

“Just get the tickets anyway,” Sarah suggested, “that way she’ll have to switch the date.”

Josie stopped crying. “She would kill me.”

“But, it is Bruce.” Rob said sarcastically.

“Yeah,” Marlee laughed, “this is all you’ve been talking about for months.”

“Just get the ticket,” Sarah added, “we can all together. It’ll be fun.

Josie looked at Carl. “Ok!” she exclaimed, “screw Mom, I’m going to see Bruce.”

“That’s the spirit,” Carl gave her a hug; “it’ll be an all-day thing. We can tailgate, have a barbecue, play Frisbee in the parking lot, blast the car…”

Marlee tapped him on the shoulder, “Calm down there party animal, the line’s moving again.”



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