“She’s fine,” Josie stood up and waved back, “she has Matt to keep her company.”

Carl stood up also and waved. “Hey, look,” he pointed, they’re getting up.”

Marlee pointed to the door. “So is everyone else. “The door just opened.”

Josie looked at Carl as they both darted down the hill and towards the door. A rush of people stormed the door as Josie reached the wall. “It’s like a stampede.” She said, stopping at the wall.

Carl surveyed the scene briefly. He turned to Josie and smiled. “Don’t worry, follow me,” he told her as he dove headfirst into the crowd.

“I don’t think so.” Josie mumbled to herself. She stepped off the wall and began to push, scratch and force her way through the crowd that had now stopped moving and was packed like sardines. “CARL!” she called.

“WHAT!” several people answered.

She clawed her way through the blob of bodies until she found Carl, by the side of the door, leaning against the wall. “What the hell!” Josie exclaimed, shoving into the empty space between Carl and the stranger next to him.

“HEY!” Angie called, running up to where they were on line. “I am so glad you guys are on line.”

Matt walked up behind her, disheveled. “It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” he said shaking his head.

“What happened?” Carl asked, shifting in his place. “Why aren’t you guys in line?”

“It all happened so fast,” Angie started, “we were sitting down, then all of a sudden feet were trampling over us. We lost Sarah.”

“This is good, though,” Matt said, “we’ll just give you guys the money and you can get the tickets.”

Josie held her hand out. “Hand it over,” she told Matt. “I didn’t risk my life not to get tickets.”

Matt stood on his toes and looked over the crowd. “It looks good. You’re only a few feet away from the door.”

“This looks good?” Josie snapped. “You’re not stuck in here,” she wiped her forehead, “and it’s really hot.”

“GUYS!” Marlee screamed from about ten people away. “We’d thought we’d never find you,”

“Did you guys happen to see the guy I was with?” Rob asked.

“Guys, this is Rob.” Marlee introduced everyone.

“Hey,” Matt shook his hand. “The guy with the mohawk?”

“Yeah. Do you know if he got inside?”

“No idea,” Angie said, “we didn’t even see the door open. Everyone just went running.”

“Hey,” Rob turned to Marlee, “let’s go see if we can find out anything.” He grabbed her hand and started towards the front of the line.

“I’ll be right back!” Marlee called as she was dragged away.

“Marlee has a boyfriend…” Matt sang out loud.

Angie playfully punched him the stomach. “Stop, he’s kinda cute in a punk kinda way.”

“Let’s go get something to eat.” Matt suggested.

“HELLO!” Josie waved her free arm, “remember me.”

“Do you guys want anything?” Angie asked.

“I need ice before I pass out.” Josie tried to cover her head from the sun but there was no shelter.
“Ok, we’ll be right back.” Angie said as they left.

Carl looked over Josie’s head to see if the line had moved. “It doesn’t look like anyone else has gone inside.”

Josie tried to look over the crowd. “What do you mean no one’s moved?”

“I mean no one moved,” Carl repeated. “The line seems to be at a standstill.”

“WHAT IS GOING ON!” Josie cried out.

The guy that was standing next to her turned around. “I thought I heard that the computer went down again.”

Josie turned to Carl with fear in her eyes. “We’re not gonna get tickets.”

Carl laughed. “We don’t know if that’s what happened. We’ve come this far…we will get tickets.”

Josie just stood there, in the crowd, unable to move. Carl stood beside her, pressing up against her. “Hey, she warned him, “don’t stand so close to me.”

Carl started to hum and then sing, “Don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me…”

Josie sighed. “Is Sting going solo? Where’s the Police?”

“The dream police…police…police…” Carl sung the Cheap trick song while banging his head in the air.

“If I wanted a concert,” Josie turned to him, laughing, “I would’ve bought a ticket.”

Carl smiled, winked at Josie and started singing an old Beatles song.
“She’s got a ticket to ride, she’s got a ticket to ri…i…ide…”

“ENOUGH!” Josie laughed.

“Just can’t get enough…I just can’t get enough…”

Josie ignored Carl as he continued to sing a Depeche Mode song. She tried to look over the crowd, but couldn’t see if anyone had gone inside. “What time is it, anyway?” She asked.

“It’s about 3:00,” Carl said, checking his watch, “where is everyone?”

“I don’t know,” Josie huffed, “but I’m getting really annoyed. The line hasn’t moved and it’s hot out here. What is this shit?”

“This is,” Carl paused, then seeing an opportunity, started again, “this is… this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…”

“Stop that!” Josie said threateningly.

“Stop…in the name of love…”

“How much will it take to make you stop?”

Rob scratched his head. “More than you can afford, babe.”

Josie’s eyes lit up. “I have a great idea,” she offered, “that guy Rob said his band is playing tonight, we should go.”

“That may be a good idea. I don’t have any plans tonight since I’m not working. We should go.”

“We should?” Josie slyly repeated.

“Yeah,” Carl replied, “we should.”

Josie held back the scream that welled up in her throat. “Is this a date then?”

“Yeah, lets make this a date.” Carl smiled as he put his arm around her.

Josie squeezed her eyes closed tightly as Carl stood behind her. She was glad that he couldn’t see her face. She was ready to explode. After she calmed down she asked, “Does this place proof?”

“It’s 18 and over, not usually. We shouldn’t have any problem getting in. I know some people that work there.”

“Oh,” Josie wiped her forehead, “that’s good. I’ve never been there.”

“It’s ok,” Carl explained, “some really cool bands play there… and only the cool people hang out there.”

“I’m definitely cool.” Josie said.

“Could’ve fooled me.” Carl kidded.

“Shut up!” Josie playfully hit him.

“Look,” Carl said pointing, “here comes Marlee. Maybe they found out something.”

Josie stood on her toes to see over the heads of the people in front of her. “MARLEE!” she screamed.

“JOSIE!” Marlee screamed back. She moved in as close as she could to Carl and Josie, trying not to get sucked into the line. “This is insane,” she called over to them, “it seems the computer went down again. There’s people all over the place inside the store. Rob can’t even find his friend. It’s a mess.”

“What!” Josie exclaimed. “I can’t believe the computers went down again what kind of Mickey Mouse operation is this I have to get tickets I’ll just die if I don’t get tickets they can’t do this to me…”

“Whoa,” Carl cut her off, “slow down there, take a breath. They have to fix the computers. This is Bruce.”

“It’s a madhouse in the store,” Rob added, “everyone’s screaming. It’s chaos. Actually, it’s pretty amusing.”

“I’m glad you find this amusing,” Josie shot back at him.

“Where’s Angie,” Marlee asked.

“Good question,” Josie answered annoyingly, “I could’ve died of heatstroke already.”

“Look,” Carl said tapping her shoulder, “what’s going on? People are moving up the stairs.”

Marlee looked towards the door. “What’s going on? Are people going in?”

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