“So,” Josie started as they walked away from the crowd and into the shopping area, “ya know Carl’s kinda cute.”

“He’s alright, but from what I hear, he’s a dirtbag.”

Josie stopped to look in the window of Record World. “I have to get that Bon Jovi album.” She turned back to Angie. “I can live with the dirtbag part. He’s a lot of fun…and really cute.”

“He slept with most of the cheerleaders.”


Angie rolled her eyes. “Fine. Then sit next to him when we get back and talk to him.”

“Just where is Burger King?” Josie asked.

Angie pointed forward. “It’s past the pizza place, past Baker’s shoes, around the corner and across from Benetton and Camp Beverly Hills.”

“So,” Josie said passing the jewelry store, “do you think I have a chance with Carl?”

Angie stopped at the window, checking out an ankle bracelet. “Yeah, why not.” She said, preoccupied. “Do you think Matt will buy me an ankle bracelet for my birthday?”

Josie rolled her eyes. “Your birthday is four months away.”

Angie started walking again. “I know, but I want to start dropping hints early.”

“Burger King should be around this corner, right?” Josie asked as she passed Baker’s Shoes.

“We come here all the time; you’d think we’d know where everything is.” Angie laughed.

Josie pointed. “There it is,” she said, stopping in her tracks staring ahead, “and there’s my mother walking out. Run!” Josie turned and darted back around the corner.

“Did she see us?” Angie asked, catching her breath, leaning on the wall.

“I don’t know? Did you see which way she went?”

Angie peered around the corner, careful to stay shielded by the wall. “She’s coming this way!” She turned and pushed Josie into the nearest store.

“Can you see her?” Josie stayed near the front door looking put the window.

“Get out of the window.” Angie pulled her to the wall, pretending to look at the clothes.

“Why did you drag me in here,” Josie said, holding up a shirt.

“It was the closest store.”

“Well,” Angie said looking out the window, “she’s walking this way. What are we gonna do?”

Angie looked around frantically. “Here,” she grabbed three shirts, “let’s try these on.”

“These are ugly,” Josie said, running to the back wall of the store, “I would never wear this.”

“We’ll hide in here,” Angie said as they ducked into the first dressing room.”

Josie checked the door to make sure it was closed. “Check if she’s still out there.”

“How,” Angie asked, “I’m not Superman. I can’t see through doors.”

“Shut up!” Josie said as she knelt down on the floor of the dressing room. “All I can see is feet,” she said, trying to look out the small space between the door and the floor.

“Well, do you know what shoe’s she’s wearing?”

Josie stood up. “No.”

“Then what are we gonna do? She can be in here for the next hour.”

“Shit!” Josie exclaimed. “I need to talk to Carl. We have’ta get outta here.”

Angie slowly cracked the door an inch. “I don’t see anything,” she whispered just as Josie’s Mom walked by. She jumped back and shut the door.

“Oh my God,” Josie whispered.

Angie covered her mouth and pointed to the door.

Josie’s eyes widened in terror. She looked down at her feet. “She can see our shoes.” She silently mouthed to Angie.

They both looked at each other, looked around the room, looked at each other again, then hopped up on the dressing bench so their feet were no longer on the floor.

“Are you waiting for a dressing room?” They heard a salesclerk ask.

“Yes.” Josie’s Mom answered.

“Ok,” Angie whispered, “when we hear the door close, we’ll make run for it.”

Josie nodded. The door shut and they ran as fast as they could through the store, Josie crossing her arms across her chest so her boobs wouldn’t bounce around, and didn’t stop until they reached Burger King.

Angie leaned against the wall, catching her breath. “That was soooo close.”

“Tell me about it.” Josie said rubbing her chest. “I can’t wait to get this operation.”

“Oh, no,” Angie said, checking her pockets, “I lost the list. Do you remember what everyone wanted?”

“We’ll just get a bunch of cheeseburgers,” Josie said, entering Burger King, a bunch of fries and shit like that.”

“Next!” The guy behind the counter called out.

They stepped up to the counter. “We’ll have 12 cheeseburgers, 10 large fries, 10 orders of onion rings and 5 large Coke’s.”

“Waiting for Bruce tickets?” The Guy smiled.

“Maybe,” Josie teased.

The Guy smiled, bagged their order and gave them their change.

“He was cute.” Josie said as they left.

Angie rolled her eyes. “You think everyone is cute.”

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