Josie stood up to stretch her back. “What time is it?” she asked even though she had a watch on.

“It’s 10:15.” Matt answered.

“We’ve been sitting here for an hour and no one’s moved yet.” Angie whined.

Marlee looked out to the crowd. “Guy’s nothing’s happening yet, and no one has come back out to tell us anything. You said we’d be out of here by ten?”

Josie sat back down on the wall. “I’m here, that’s what’s wrong. These things only happen to me. And, I have to get tickets before three. I have to go to work.”

“Hey,” Marlee hit Angie on the shoulder, pointing. “Look over there. Theresa got pushed back from the door”

Angie looked towards the door. Theresa was no longer second on line. She was now pushed back with a crowd in front of her, but she noticed that the Punks were still first on line. “Those two are still first on line though,”

“Josie,” Marlee started to open her black knapsack that she made sure to keep with her, “I have your school books, you can always study.” She joked.

Josie shot her a dirty look. “What else do have in there?”

“Just my Walkman, some tapes, a book and your shit.”

“I’m getting hungry,” Josie turned to Angie, “what about you Ang?”

“Nah,” Angie gave Matt a kiss.

Josie and Marlee stared at Matt and Angie as they proceeded to make out in front of them, oblivious to the world. “Get a room!” Josie exclaimed.

Matt gave her the finger and continued to make out with his girlfriend until he heard his name being called. “What…” he mumbled as he pulled away from Angie. He turned around to see his teammate Carl walking towards him.

“Matt!” Carl called as he walked towards them, trying not to step on anyone on the ground. “What’s up,” he gave Matt a high-five. “Hi Ang,” he turned and nodded acknowledgement to Josie and Marlee.

“Carl,” Matt greeted him, “what are you doing here?”

“Getting tickets, what else. Have you guys been here the whole time?”

Josie cut in. “We’ve been here since seven. It’s crazy.”

Carl laughed. “I got here about a half an hour ago. I’m about 2 groups in front of you.”

“What,” Josie gave him the evil eye, “do you mean you’re in front of us! You just got here!”

“So,” Matt said, paying Josie no mind, “you missed the mob scene.”

“I heard,” Carl laughed. “Why don’t you guys come sit with us, we have a huge blanket and tons of junk food.”

“Let’s go.” Josie started to walk away, but then noticed that Carl was sitting right next to Theresa and her friends. “Carl,” she started to complain.

“I know,” he cut her off, “just ignore her. She’s too busy telling people about her and Bruce and the meeting that never happened.”

“You mean she’s not telling everyone about your tiny penis?” Matt teased.

“That’s not funny.” Carl replied flatly.

“I can’t believe she told everyone that’s why you broke up.” Angie said.

“I know,” Carl agreed, “Sarah said she’s been telling everyone in Cheerleader Camp. She’s been calling me all summer too, so my dick couldn’t have been that bad,” he paused. “She wants me, what can I say.”

“Why don’t you just go for it?” Matt instigated.

Carl thought for a moment. “Maybe, she does give good blowjobs.”

Angie turned to Marlee. “Are you coming?”

Marlee gathered her bag. “I’m gonna pass. Cheerleaders and I don’t exactly get along. I’m gonna go sit up there,” she pointed to the top of the hill, “the sun’s getting strong and you know us vampires, we need our shade. Pale skin and all”

“Ok, but if you change your mind, come sit with us.”

“Ok,” Marlee smiled as she watched Angie walk away. She put her bag on her back and climbed up the hill, which was more a mound of dirt, until she reached the top.

The tree was big enough that its branches reached out to give her sufficient shade to sit under. It was only ten-thirty but the sun felt like High Noon. She sat on the ground, not caring about grass stains and made herself comfortable. She spotted her friends and from up there, the crowd looked like individual picnics. There were blankets, and towels spread out everywhere. A few brave souls continued to stand, hoping the doors would be opened.

The scene was the epitome of disorganization. There was no semblance of a line any longer. There were so many groups of people in the parking lot that customers couldn’t park by the store. The local police were there also, making sure the crowd didn’t become rowdy. They were putting up barriers around the lot, ensuring the crowd did not spill into the outdoor mall.

Marlee put on her Walkman to drown out the noise of chatter and the many Bruce songs that were blaring out of individual radios. She popped in a Bauhaus tape and started to read her book.


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