Marlee and Angie sat on the wall observing the late comers to the line. “Wow,” Angie exclaimed, “there are a lot of people on line now. You can’t even see the end of the parking lot anymore.”

Josie looked back at the growing crowd. “See! This is why I had to cut class. We never would’ve gotten tickets if we came after eleven.”

“I can’t believe this many people want Bruce tickets?” Marlee mumbled.

Josie shot her an evil glance. “Bruce is the Boss,” she explained. “He is the working man’s hero. He represents America and the working class.”

Marlee chuckled. “You buy that crap! Born in The USA is the biggest sellout album ever.”

“How can you say that,” Angie interrupted. “It’s a great album.”

Marlee continued her opinionated tirade. “Oh, please. Born in the USA and Glory Days play on the patriotism and sympathy of the average Joe. Who can’t relate to days gone by and past regrets? And, that album cover? Why the shot of his ass and the flag? This is nothing but commercial rock with a great marketing gimmick that everyone is falling for. This is not Bruce getting down and dirty with the regular folk. This is Bruce the big corporate machine making a ton of money off the ignorance of his fans. Most of whom, still think Born in the USA is a happy, positive song.”

Angie and Josie just stared at her in amusement. “Ya know,” Angie turned to Josie, “she can be very amusing at times.”

“And just what are you listening to right now?” Josie asked.

Marlee searched through her back and pulled out a handful of cassette tapes. She held them up so they could get a good look. “I have The Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Joy Division. All bands that aren’t afraid to take chances and not cater to the mainstream.”

Josie just rolled her eyes. “I never heard of any of them.”

Marlee started to answer her when Theresa swaggered up to them, pictures in hand.

“Oh,” she greeted them. “I thought it was you,” she teased, “but I wasn’t sure from all the way up in front.”

“What do you want, Theresa?” Marlee sighed.

“Nothing with you Mrs. Dracula. I’m surprised to see you here. I thought sunlight was hazardous to your health.”

Angie stepped in front of Marlee before she had a chance to attack. “Theresa, what can we help you with?” Angie asked. “We don’t need to see your pictures.”

Theresa flipped her too short to flip hair and smirked. “Actually, Angie, I was wondering where Matt was. I see that you’re all alone here. Did you guys break up?”

Angie took a deep breath. She didn’t want to cause a scene. “He’ll be here later,” she answered, hoping Theresa would go away.

“Oh,” Theresa said, surprised, as she adjusted the Gucci bag on her shoulder, “I just thought that maybe he’s finally come to his senses and realized how unattractive you are.”

“Theresa,” Angie addressed her, keeping her cool. “You can insult me all you like, but one fact still remains; Matt is my boyfriend, not yours, and just to let you know, he doesn’t even like you.”

Josie stepped in between them until she was face to face with Theresa. “No one likes you, Theresa. Now you’re in my space, so you need to just back off!”

Theresa laughed. “Please, like I’m gonna listen to someone in summer school.”

Josie looked around as if Theresa was talking to someone else. “Oh! You did not just call me stupid.”

Marlee stepped around Josie. “Yeah, she did.”

“This wanna-be rich girl. Just called me stupid,” she said to Marlee.

Theresa lifted up her Gucci bag. “This is a real Gucci handbag,” she bragged. “And this,” she pulled at her shirt, “is a $40 Benetton shirt. So, I don’t think I’m a wanna-be rich girl.”

Marlee just shook her head in disbelief. “You can slap on the designer labels, Theresa. It doesn’t change the quality of the person wearing them. A piece of shit is a piece of shit no matter what name it’s wearing.”

Theresa opened her mouth to answer Marlee, but was stopped by Matt walking up behind her. “Theresa!” He called as he approached them.

Angie smiled as she threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Theresa,” he continued, “what’s goin’ on here?”

Theresa smiled at him. “Nothing, Matt. We were just chatting.”

“Ha!” Josie exclaimed.

“That’s what I thought.” Matt turned to Angie. “Was she bothering you?” He asked.

“Matt, it’s nothing.” She answered, not wanting to cause trouble. “Everything’s ok.”

He turned back to Theresa. “Theresa, get out of here. We’re not in school and you’re not the head cheerleader, so I don’t have to tolerate you now.”

Theresa’s mouth fell open in shock. “Matt, in the fall you’re going be on the Varsity football team and I’ll be a Varsity cheerleader. Do you really think it will benefit your social status to be dating a nobody.”

“Theresa,” Matt leaned closer to her, “I don’t like you. And if you continue to bother my girlfriend, I’ll make sure the rest of the team hates you also.”

“Fine,” she sharply turned to leave. “We’ll see what happens when school starts,” she hollered as she walked away.

“Bye!” Josie waved sarcastically.

Matt pulled Josie’s arm down. “Why do you guys egg her on?” he asked.

“Because it’s so much fun.” Marlee answered.

“Yeah, well,” Matt jumped on the wall and pulled Angie next to him, “that just makes her bother you more. Don’t you think she gets off on this?”

“I’ve never done anything to her, Matt.” Angie defended herself. “She’s just a bitch.”

“She’s a bitch to everyone, Ang.” Matt rummaged through Josie’s bag and pulled out a Funny Bone.

“Hey!” she yelled at him.

He ignored her. “It’s almost nine,” he said, looking at his watch.

Josie checked her watch. “BRUCE!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. She was immediately joined by the crowd as they chanted and screamed, waiting for the doors to open.

Marlee covered her ears. “THIS IS INSANE!” she yelled over the noise.

“WHAT!” Angie yelled back.


Josie tilted her head closer to hear. “BRUCE!” she yelled louder. She stood on her toes to try to get a look at the front of the line. The doors hadn’t opened yet and no one was moving. The crowd slowly quieted down as everyone began to realize that the doors were still closed.

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